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Varied various styles of faucets

1 . Press materials can be divided into stainless steel , cast iron , plastic , brass, zinc alloy Taps Sale , taps and other types of polymer composites .

2 . By function can be divided into the basin, bath, shower , LED Taps and electric faucet , with the improvement of living standards, more and more rapidly heating faucet welcomed by consumers , is expected to become the leading protagonist taps revolutionary new . Can porcelain electric faucet .

3 . According to the structure to points, can be divided into single-joint , double and triple -coupled type , such as several Bathroom Accessory . Single handle faucet hot and cold water to regulate the temperature by a handle , double handle you need to adjust the cold water pipes and hot water respectively tube to regulate water temperature.

4 . Press to open the way to points, can be divided into spiral , wrench -style , induction and so on. When open spiral handle to rotate a lot of laps ; wrench -style handle , only to be rotated 90 degrees ; lift can handle just lift up the water ; sensor faucet Just hand out under the faucet , the water automatically .

5. According to the Kitchen Taps can be divided into rubber core , stainless steel spool several. Use a rubber core faucet mostly open cast iron spiral taps, now has basically been eliminated ; faucet is emerged in recent years , better quality , and now more common ; stainless steel spool is only recently , more suitable Poor water quality in the region .

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