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Vindaloo VoIP Launched Kamailio Development Services

Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd, more popularly known as Vindaloo VoIP, is popular for its amazing range of off the shelve VoIP products as well as client centric VoIP development services. The company offers custom solution development services in different VoIP technologies. In a recent event, the spokesperson of the company announced the launch of Kamailio development services.
The company will offer different types of VoIP services in Kamailio, one of the most widely used development technologies in the VoIP industry. As per the shared details, the company will provide the following services to its customers and prospective customers in Kamailio:
Custom Kamailio software development
Custom Kamailio application development
Custom module development for an existing Kamailio solution
Support services
The company has a dedicated wing of designers, developers and quality assurance experts that have been working with Kamailio based solutions for more than 4 years. The company also invests in knowledge acquisition of this team so they sharpen their skills and increase customer delight.
"We have been offering VoIP development services in Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, WebRTC and OpenSIPs technologies. These technologies are capable enough to build any scalable and robust VoIP solution or an application, but some customers demand Kamailio development services. They prefer only this technology to build their solution. To benefit them, we have launched Kamailio development services", shared spokesperson of Vindaloo VoIP.
The company has expertise in developing different applications using this VoIP development technology. As per the shared details, it is more suitable to build different types of SIP servers. The expert Kamailio services of Vindaloo VoIP can be used to build and configure any of the following types of SIP servers:
The company has added a dedicated webpage on its official website that showcases all details about the VoIP solution development and related services of the company available in Kamailio. The webpage is written in English and added under the service menu on the official website of Vindaloo VoIP. This webpage shares a detailed list of features of this VoIP development technology, which showcases its power to build sturdy solutions.
As per the further shared details, the company has a dedicated development and a support team to benefit its customers. It also commits to deliver the developed solution in stipulated time. The company claims to offer affordable Kamailio development services to its customers.
About Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd
It is also known as VSPL and Vindaloo VoIP. For more than 4 years, the company caters to its customers from all across the globe with its various IT services. The company offers mobile app development and web app programming services. It majorly focuses in the VoIP industry. It has some ready to use VoIP solutions to offer. Apart from them, the company offers custom VoIP development services in different VoIP technologies. The company also offers resource hiring model that allows hiring a remote VoIP, web or mobile developers or a development team. The company has added Kamailio development services as one of its offerings. To explore more details about this service, please visit

by: Sandip Patel

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