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Web And Mobile Bug Testing Specialist Releases New Infographic

Leading web and mobile app testing specialists, Global App Testing, has just published a new infographic aimed at entrepreneurs and businesses around the world. The information contained in the graphic helps to highlight the impact of errors and bugs for a company. For instance, experts claim that a single hour of downtime could cost more than $1-$5 million for enterprises, or more than $300,000 for SMB's. That is a shocking figure that Global App Testing says should force organisations to pay attention to the issue. There are many other intriguing points on the infographic, and anyone involved with the development of quality websites and mobile apps should view it as soon as possible.

Key facts and stats:

- 48% of users are less likely to use an app again if they encounter a bug that hinders performance.
- 88% of people in the US form negative opinions of a brand if it has an app that doesn’t perform as expected.
- 44% of users delete an app instantly if it doesn’t work properly.
- 79% of people are less likely to make future purchases from a site if they experience performance issues.
- 34% of consumers will use a competitor’s app if they are not happy with the one they’ve downloaded.

Experts from Global App Testing focus their efforts in three key areas when testing platforms for clients. Professional crowdsourced testers will:

- Engage in discovering previously unknown issues through exploratory testing
- Ensuring core user flows are covered by regression tests and test case execution runs
- Returning impactful bugs to development teams in as short amount of time as possible

Entrepreneurs, product managers, heads of QA and developers experience a broad range of benefits when using crowdsourced testing. Anyone who uses the services of Global App Testing can expect the following advantages:

- Identifying high-quality and relevant bugs
- Saving time (results in 48 hours or less)
- Ramping up their QA team
- Improving the QA process from best practice

The team at Global App Testing is dedicated to helping clients make sure their websites and mobile apps function bug-free. Founded in 2014, the brand has worked with some of the best tech teams and companies in the world. Teams such as Facebook, Microsoft, Dropbox and Spotify rely on Global App Testing to deliver QA results that matter, and many other businesses of all sizes benefit from their services. To obtain more information, entrepreneurs should visit the Global App Testing website and follow instructions. The team will then begin the process and develop a plan to help scale quality.

Nicholas Roberts
Company: Global App Testing
Address: BASE KX, 103c Camley Street, London, N1C 4PF, UK
Phone: +44 330 808 0106

by: Nicholas Roberts

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