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Welch Publishing Releases New Report on Improving Profits and Cash Flow

Welch Publishing has released a new special report filled with effective ways to improve business profits and cash flow. The eye-opening free report contains nearly 40 pages of ideas that can yield dramatic results.

Hanson, MA (USA), March 06, 2014 -- Welch Publishing is pleased to announce the release of a new special report with a plethora of effective strategies that businesses can begin implementing immediately to enhance their profits and cash flow. The special report is aptly entitled In Pursuit of Profits. More than 50 control, expense, reduction and income producing strategies you can start using today to dramatically improve the bottom line of your company or the direction of your career.

With nearly 40 pages, the report covers a broad array of issues that impact almost every business, from credit and credit collections to customer service, advertising and insurance. For example, under credit and credit collections, the report discusses pursuing uncollected debts, errors in delayed payments, delayed billing, billing according to invoice size, identifying bogus invoices, paying early for a discount, and paying bills according to the terms. The report also discusses a myriad of other important topics, including:
* Following up on every sales lead to avoid wasting money
* Combining products and services for automatic cross selling
* Hiring and promoting the most capable person—regardless of seniority
* Hiring outside experts to control costs and maximize results
* Letting suppliers help lower your costs
* Letting suppliers be your "bank"
* Getting free stuff

The informative report was adapted from the ebook In Pursuit of Profits: How To At Least Double Your Profits Without Increasing Your Sales. The book, authored by Derrick Welch, is packed with more than 1,000 cost control, expense reduction and income generating tactics to help companies significantly improve their cash flow and overall earnings. Welch—who spent three decades in senior management positions with both large and small companies—created the ebook and report to not only address business owners, but to also help employees and managers get ahead by showing them how to make a bigger impact in their company.

"While the free report and ebook are written to show business owners and executives how to dramatically increase profits and improve cash flow, they will also help employees and managers improve job stability and move ahead, as ideas that improve the bottom line of a business can only help an employee advance," Welch said.

However, Welch does more than just write about cost-saving strategies; he has successfully implemented them. For example, his concepts helped increase the profits of one company by more than 1,000 percent in just two years. They also helped reduce the cost of goods sold in another company by more than 10 percent over an 18-month period—resulting in an effective dollar savings of more than $350,000 or $1,405 per business day.

Welch’s special report and ebook provide access to many of the same tactics that have worked for him over the years. For a limited time, anyone who orders In Pursuit of Profits: How To At Least Double Your Profits Without Increasing Your Sales will also receive a complimentary copy of Welch’s other ebook Defy Mediocrity. Choose to be Uncommon. Think of the Alternative.

To download Welch’s special report or learn more about his powerful ebook, please visit

About Derrick Welch:
Derrick Welch is passionate about helping companies of all sizes and in all industries dramatically increase profits and improve cash flow. He has spent more than 30 years in senior management positions, developing his expertise in operations, administration, production and marketing. Welch has a track record of achieving impressive results in the corporate world. He previously served as vice president of a major Boston-based advertising agency at the age of 27, as well as chief operating officer and vice president of operations of a nationwide multi-million-dollar company when he was just 31. Welch has poured the time-tested strategies he learned in the trenches into Welch Publishing and his insightful ebooks, which are having a profound impact on people’s lives.

Press & Media Contact:
Derrick Welch, author/president
Welch Publishing
Hanson, MA - USA

by: Derrick Welch

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