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What Are The Features And Specifications Of EDM 700

Engine data management 700 which can simply be referred to as EDM 700 is a necessary addition to any aircraft. It works by continually monitoring the engine activities of the aircraft thus, leaving the pilot to fully concentrate on flying and landing the aircraft safely. With the help of the latest microprocessor technology, a total of 24 critical parameters are monitored 4 times a second which is more than can be done by the pilot.

The EDM 700 system is also able to instantly give warning when programmed limits are exceeded. This is possible because it is equipped with an up to date warning system. It is the most accurate, advanced engine monitoring system in the world that gives assistance in all engine related areas to ensure that the operations of the aircraft run smoothly.

Features of EDM 700

Some basic but important features of EDM 700 include

Accurate trend monitoring is achieved in the normalized mode
Presence of bus voltage to accurately detect any voltage loss from failure of the alternator
Troubleshooting can be achieved from the cockpit with the aid of a computer that displays problem codes
Presence of alphanumeric scanning that displays 29 functions
2 different modes LeanFind mode that searches for the first last of the cylinders to peak and the PeakFind that captures the exhaust gas temperature.
Programming is easily achieved from the from panel using just two buttons
Accurate leaning is guaranteed fast prove response
Temperature: It is displayed in one degree in either Celsius or Fahrenheit
True memory: data can be downloaded from the EDM onto a laptop or palm computer.
29 alarms
EGT graph has variable scaling
Fuel flow option
Shock cooling
Oil Temperature check

Specifications for EDM 700

The EDM 700 system has both important and optional specifications that perform standard and optional functions.

The important standard specifications include

Linear gauges: selectable position options
Power connector
Shock cooling
LOP/ROP Leaning Mode exclusive to JPI
100 hours downloadable data recording
Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) 4 or 6 probes
CHT 4 or 6 probes

The Optional Specifications Include

Oil Temp Probes
Outside Air Temperature (OAT)
Oil pressure
Aircraft Fuel Flow Instruments USED, Remaining, GPH Endurance, GPS destination
1 gigabyte USB stick for downloading data

Other specifications of the EDM 700 include

The EDM 700 IS 2.5 x 2.5 x 8? with 2 1/4 bezel, including the connector.
TSO C43b, Temperature Indicator EGT Probe-701 14.5 oz. / 0.9 lbs
Wire P.N. WK.-24 Harness 8 ft. 14.0 oz. each / 0.88 lbs
EGT Probes MM-111 2.0 oz. each / 0.125 lbs
RPM Sensor 1.5 oz. / .094 lbs
CHT probe 5050 1.5 oz. each / 0.094 lbs

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by: Joseph Polizzotto

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