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What is Selenium Introduction to Se Automation Testing

What is Selenium?

Selenium could be a free (open source) machine-driven testing suite for internet applications across totally different browsers and platforms. It’s quite the same as Hp quick test professional (QTP currently UFT) solely that Se focuses on automating web-based applications. Testing done exploitation Se tool is sometimes referred as Se Testing.

Selenium isn't simply one tool however a collection of software's, every line of work to totally different testing desires of a corporation. Its four elements.
• Selenium Integrated Development environment (IDE)
• Selenium remote control (RC)
• Web Driver
• Selenium Grid

At the instant, Se RC and WebDriver are unified into one framework to create Se 2. Selenium 1, by the way, refers to Se RC.

Who developed Selenium?
Since Selenium could be a collection of various tools, it had totally different developers furthermore. Below are the key persons who created notable contributions to the Se Project

Introduction to Selenium
Primarily, Se was created by Jason Huggins in 2004. An engineer at Thought Works, he was performing on an online application that needed frequent testing. Having complete that the unvarying manual testing of their application was turning into a lot of and a lot of inefficient, he created a JavaScript program that may mechanically management the browser's actions. He named this program because the "JavaScriptTestRunner."

Seeing potential during this plan to assist modify alternative web applications, he created JavaScriptRunner ASCII text file that was later re-named as Se Core.
Same Origin policy prohibits JavaScript code from accessing components from a website that's totally different from wherever it absolutely was launched. Example, the HTML code in computer uses a JavaScript program "randomScript.js". Identical origin policy can solely enable randomScript.js to access pages at intervals google. However, it cannot access pages from totally different sites like as a result of they belong to totally different domains.

This is the explanation why before Se RC, testers required to put in native copies of each selenium Core (a JavaScript program) and also the internet server containing the online application being tested in order that they would belong to identical domain

Birth of Se remote control (Selenium RC)
Unfortunately; checkers exploitation Se Core had to put in the complete application underneath test and also the internet server on their own native computers as a result of the restrictions imposed Selenium Courses in Bangalore by identical origin policy. Thus another Thought Work’s engineer, Paul Hammant, set to form a server that may act as a protocol proxy to "trick" the browser into believing that Se Core and also the internet application being tested return from identical domain. This method became called the Se remote control or Se 1.

Birth of Se Grid
Selenium Grid was developed by St. Patrick Light body to deal with the necessity of minimizing check execution times the maximum amount as potential. He at first known as the system "Hosted QA." it absolutely was capable of capturing browser screenshots throughout important stages, and additionally of causing out Se commands to totally different machines at the same time.

Birth of Se IDE
Shinya Kasatani of Japan created Se IDE, a Firefox extension that may modify the browser through a record-and-playback feature. He came up with this idea to additional increase the speed in making check cases. He given Se IDE to the Se Project in 2006.

Birth of WebDriver
Simon Stewart created WebDriver circa 2006 once browsers and internet applications were turning into a lot of powerful and a lot of restrictive with JavaScript programs like Se Core. It absolutely was the primary cross-platform testing framework that might management the browser from the OS level.

Birth of Se 2
In 2008, the complete Se Team set to merge WebDriver and Se RC to create a lot of powerful tool known as Se a pair of, with WebDriver being the core. Currently, Se RC continues to be being developed however solely in maintenance mode. Most of the Se Project's efforts are currently centered on Se 2.

So, Why the Name Selenium?
It came from a joke that mythical being cracked just the once to his team. Another machine-driven testing framework was well-liked throughout Selenium's development, and it absolutely was by the corporate known as Mercury Interactive (yes, the corporate who originally created QTP before it absolutely was acquired by HP). Since Se could be a well-known remedy for toxic condition, Jason advised that name. His teammates took it, then that's however we tend to have to be compelled to decision this framework up to this.

Brief Introduction Se IDE
Selenium Integrated Development atmosphere (IDE) is that the simplest framework within the Se suite and is that the best one to be told. It’s a Firefox plugin that you simply will install as simply as you will with alternative plugins. However, as a result of its simplicity, Se IDE ought to solely be used as a prototyping tool. If you wish to form a lot of advanced check cases, you may got to use either Se RC or WebDriver.

Brief Introduction Se remote (Selenium RC)
Selenium RC was the flagship testing framework of the complete Se project for a protracted time. This can be the primary machine-driven internet testing tool that allowed users to use an artificial language they like. Selenium Training in Bangalore As of version a pair of.25.0, RC will support the subsequent programming languages:
• Java
• C#
• Python
• Perl
• Ruby

Brief Introduction WebDriver
The WebDriver proves itself to be higher than each Se IDE and Se RC in several aspects. It implements a lot of modern and stable approach in automating the browser's actions. WebDriver, in contrast to Se RC, doesn't trust JavaScript for Automation. It controls the browser by directly communication with it.
The supported languages are identical as those in Se RC.
• Java
• C#
• Python
• Perl
• Ruby

Selenium Grid
Selenium Grid could be a tool used beside Se RC to run parallel tests across different machines and different browsers all at identical time. Parallel execution means that running multiple tests right away.

The entire Se Tool Suite is comprised of 4 components:
Selenium IDE, a Firefox add-on that you simply will solely use in making relatively easy check cases and check suites.
Selenium remote control, additionally called Se 1, that is that the 1st Se tool that allowed users to use programming languages in making advanced tests.
WebDriver, the newer breakthrough that enables your check scripts to speak on to the browser, thereby dominant it from the OS level.
Selenium Grid is additionally a tool that's used with Se RC to execute parallel tests across totally different browsers and operational systems.

Begin your career as Selenium Developer by taking Selenium Training in Bangalore with certified professional with 8+ years of experience in real industry.


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