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Why Activity Monitoring Of A Database Is Essential For Security

Even if, there are several options easily available today when it comes to securing the database management systems from severe security threats but choosing the most effective one is really important. At present, it is really important for database administrators to take help of an efficient Database Activity Monitoring tool. They need to consider the importance of such amazing solution in favor of the security of their particular database management system. The main motive of such tools is to enable database authorities for real-time tracking of the user actions. An activity monitoring tool provides full visibility of all the activities and changes made to the database. This thing enables database administrators to prevent data leak and theft in the best possible way. More to the point, comprehensive interface as well as flexible rules of this amazing tool also makes it really very easy to define monitoring policies in the direction of database objects.

One can surely expect for the best possible visibility into the database activity by using such amazing security tool. There are different tasks performed by such tools in favor of the security of the database management systems. These solutions mainly utilize self-learning algorithms in order to create a white list of queries that is properly acceptable in the give database environment. Furthermore, this tool also collect extensive information on all the activities takes place in the database and client application. More to the point, exporting audit results to external SIEM systems is also an amazing function of an activity monitoring tool. Such tools are also well-known for providing great help in terms of assisting database administrators to achieve compliance with the government rules as well as industry standards.

There are many attractive features of such tools that usually compel most of the database administrators today to make use of them in support of their specific database security. For instance it provides real-time alerting about any type of suspicious activity, advanced logging as SIEM integration and flexibility. In order to get hold of a comprehensive database activity monitoring tool, individuals can get great help from DataSunrise, a reputed software company. This private corporation is now gaining huge popularity worldwide for providing dedicated database security solutions.

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