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Why Implement Knowledge Management within Your Organization

Managing a company is a challenging task, one that requires efforts and knowledge. Executives who want to enhance productivity at work turn their attention towards popular management methods. Lately, there has been a lot of focus on knowledge management that is meant to enable companies to generate value from their knowledge-based assets. Sharing information among employees, departments is a first step towards efficient managing. Executives can also use collaborative decision making that brings several advantages within an organization.

The first aspect most people are interested in when it comes to knowledge management is the advantages it provides. We live in an information-driven economy and organizations that want to make the most of their intellectual assets should use a method that enables them to share their knowledge, which is the foundation for collaboration. Organizations that make use of KM in a successful manner will benefit from the following: innovation, which is encouraged by free flow of ideas, improved customer service due to streamlining response time, increased revenues, enhanced employee retention rates, streamlined operations and reduced costs. These are some of the most important aspects of KM, although it is worth mentioning that when implemented successfully, this method leads to improved efficiency, higher productivity and increased revenues.

Business managers who are determined to implement knowledge management are advised to smart small, so that they can control the outcome. Before embarking on this strategy, it is imperative to determine what you would like to achieve by using KM. This method works best only when associated with certain business goals and it functions best in an environment when the knowledge of individuals is valued and rewarded. Employees should be encouraged to share their knowledge and experience so that KM evolves with them.

Managers are also fascinated by collaborative decision making and the wonderful results it brings. This process is meant to help groups make a decision after having gone through a process of group deliberation. Consensus decision making is the most efficient when there are several people involved in the group discussions, all participants are allowed to contribute to the discussion, the group constructs proposals that generate as much agreement as possible. Furthermore, members are encouraged to think about the good of the group when making the decision. This decision making process is quite rewarding and it is widely used by numerous organization across the globe.
The whole point of collaborative decision making is to encourage the participation of all members, to develop their proposals. This will result in better decisions that best address all concerns, better implementation, because the process includes and respects all parties and better group relationships. Consensus decision making leads to greater group cohesion and interpersonal connections, enabling people to participate in the decision making process, to voice their ideas and to reach a decision by working together and taking into account all the proposals. Managers donít have to make all their decisions alone; on the contrary, they should try to foster collaboration.

Would you like to learn more about knowledge management and how it works? Visit our website and see how collaborative decision making improves your decision making process. We guarantee that you will be very impressed with our cutting-edge decision making tool.

by: Gail Black

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