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Why be Unhappy Affordable Treatment Now Available Online

Releasing Hypnosis, a holistic healing firm based in Thailand, announced it is expanding its offerings to international clients with affordable online therapy and healing sessions.

Jean-Paul, the firmís director, said that "emotional and mental health is often overlooked or played down, with many people suffering for years without seeking help." Certainly statistics highlight the prominence of mental problems, with an estimated 1 in 5 adults in the U.S experiencing mental illness every year, with the UK reporting 1 in 6 adults experiencing symptoms of a common mental health problem, such as anxiety or depression.

An emerging trend suggests more people are searching for alternative treatments in place of medications, with healers gaining recognition for successfully helping people with holistic therapies. However the cost of private treatments can be a prohibitive factor for some, which gives Releasing Hypnosis a competitive edge, as the firm is based in Thailand it is able to offer effective online treatments at a significant discount.

More than 15 years ago Jean-Paul was travelling in India when he had a spiritual opening and realised then that his corporate days were over. He stayed on in India for another 3 years studying spirituality and healing techniques, deeply realising that to heal requires the balancing in all aspects; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This foundation has enabled Releasing Hypnosis to become a fast track healing process and Jean-Paul attributes this success in part to their advanced therapeutic skills, but also to their intuitive and psychic abilities, which accurately guides them in their work.

A unique feature to their healing approach is their ability to clear past lives, based on the idea that as a soul we have already lived a number of lives on earth, with unresolved issues in past lives reappearing in this life, in order that they may be cleared. Dr. Brian Weiss has helped bring past life healing into the mainstream with his book "Many Lives, Many Masters" and Jean-Paul believes it should be an integral part of the healing process.

Releasing Hypnosis offers an intuitive therapy and holistic healing approach that directly clears problems at their root cause, helping people to clear negative emotions, thinking patterns and habits, addictions and old belief systems. Jean-Paul runs spiritual and healing workshops in Thailand and regularly writes self-help articles. He can be found online at

by: Jean Paul

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