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Why use an IP surveillance camera system

The IP surveillance camera system has taken over the security scenario pretty strongly. After all it has too many benefits for the users to ignore it. An Internet Protocol HD security camera system is a highly flexible security camera system that is suitable for any surveillance purpose. On one hand these camera systems can cover large public areas and on the other hand they can adequately cover an entire home or office and allow remote monitoring.

The biggest advantage of the IP surveillance camera system over an analog surveillance camera system is that it can transmit data. An analog security camera (CCTV camera) can capture images and store them but these images cannot be transmitted in real time. Yes, one can access the storage medium and play the video but thatís about it. An IP HD security camera system can transmit data over the internet and this means one can access live videos on these cameras. And the live video can be seen in any browser in any device, PC or laptop or tablet or smartphone.

Most of the homes and offices already have network systems available. You hardly find a home or office in the USA without internet connection. Since the internet connection is already there installing and managing an IP surveillance camera system is highly cost effective. Depending on the extent of security cover required one has to buy the appropriate number of cameras. And some of these cameras are so small that they are virtually undetectable. You can hide one on top of the TV and no one will come to know about it. The IP HD security camera system can simply piggyback on the existing network.

In offices especially the flexibility of the IP surveillance camera system is extremely beneficial. Even if an office has a small network it can be easily expanded to accommodate the new security system. There are no additional cables required because most of these camera systems can work on Wi-Fi. Some of them also use PoE (Power over Ethernet) so they donít even require power supply to operate over a network. Moreover, these camera systems can also be integrated with other systems like PoS (Point of Sales).

An IP HD security camera system also compresses data before it is sent out. So, even if someone accesses live video on their smartphone browser there is not much data consumption. The data is adequately compressed so that it can travel fast over the network and there is no buffering at the user end. This is one of the prime reasons why people donít need to wait for the videos to load.

When you have an IP surveillance camera system at your home or office you need not worry about security. You can keep an eye inside your home or office any time you want. And the HD security camera system also ensures that the video quality is top class. This makes these cameras all the more effective especially for face recognition of strangers.
An IP surveillance camera system is an intelligent system. For the best picture quality use an HD security camera system.

by: Gail Black

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