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Women on Top of MEA Art Scene

Art and culture go hand in hand when it comes to building the social foundations of any region. Art has been thriving in the Middle East in past 4 decades and the modern women artists have made their mark in the MEA art scene. Suzi Nassif has been ranked among the top 10 most creative women artists of the Middle East.
World Famous Lebanese artist, Suzi Nassif has won various art wards including Vera Awards 2015 as her works were most admired in Vera World Fine Art Festival in Portugal in 2015. She has also secured, The Universal Artist award from Leonardo Da Vinci Awards in 2015. She won UNICEF award 2015, Won the Palm Art Award in 2016, and the Casanova Award in 2016. She has also been featured as the most influential woman artist in the book "Women and Art" by Monica Mergiu. Mergiu mentioned her as the "Witch of Portebello". Her works have been discussed and her techniques have been explored in detail in a chapter in this book as it pays homage to her creativity.
Suzi Nassif has been inspired by great artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Khalil Gibran and Van Gogh. She has created great portraits following the conventions of surrealism art. The portraits of Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo reveal her inspiration of these two artists and their great works. Her artworks entitled Fridalism, Abraliza, Dalimortal, and Fridagogh are the works representing her inspirations from these great artists.
As a contemporary portrait artist, she has been experimenting with acrylic on canvas to present the most beautiful portraits. A large number of portraits painted by Suzi Nassif carry famous pop artists and actors such as the Lebanese artist George Khabbaz, the famous singer Amy Winehouse, the super star Freddy Mercury, and Marilyn Monroe. The portraits of famous personalities carry her perception, and some are quite intriguing. She has been known for her creativity. She has been traveling worldwide and her artworks have been exhibited in Japan, Lebanon, Portugal, France, USA and UAE. Her works speak to people from various regions. She has also been organizing her private exhibitions in Dubai and Lebanon that exhibit some of her latest artworks to her fans. Her fan-base has been multiplying over the years making her one of the most influential women artists in the Middle East. More of her works can be reviewed on her website.

by: Aditya Menon

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