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Wooderra launches easy to install deck tiles

Panama City, Panama – Wooderra Panama launched deck Tiles available in Teak, Amargo Amargo or Almendro earlier this year, attracting the attention of many professional woodworkers and professional homeowners. They have proved to save a lot of time in deck construction with higher level of safety and does not require advanced woodworking or building skills.

The motive behind this innovative product is to introduce to the public a quick smart fix to upgrade old, damaged, discolored wood decks or equally troubled composite decks, or concrete slabs. Wooderra’s deck tiles form a semi-permanent valuable wood deck. Advanced construction skills are not required for installing deck tiles making them a great DIY project to start with no fuss and no mess. Few tools are required, installing them doesn't even involve raising a hammer. The only material easier to work with than deck tiles is a rug. This can be a super fun family project over the weekend, enhancing the sentiments of having a shared outdoor space in the family.

The demand is increasingly rising so Wooderra has decided to expand the distribution of the product to all Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Wooderra is Panama's most comprehensive source of ecological high-quality solid wood products such solid wood flooring, wood decking, table slabs and more. Affiliated with Timber Resource Management and Panama Teak Forestry, Wooderra is the ultimate brand and distributor for these sustainable timber companies. They only extract from sustainable sources and in "rescuing" salvaged wood.

You can find out more from their decktile website:
Address: Ave. Balboa y Via Italia, PH Plaza Paitilla, Planta Baja Oficina 49 Panama City, Panama
Contact: +507-396-9320 / 507-6070-2048

by: Wooderra Makris

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