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Your Search ForFitnessis Complete With CrossFit Perimeter

Crossfit Perimeter has been providing fitness programs since 2009. Our professional trainers are focused on helping our clients achieve their health and fitness goalsin the most safe and effective manner. We provide the customized programs tailored to our clients’ needs.

23 February 2019: Crossfit Perimeter in Sandy Springs gained popularity as soon as it was launched. The reason behind why this program is so popular is not only the various group and individualized programs that are offered, but also the sense of community you get as soon as you step in the gym. From in-house competitions to local community events, and get-togethers and parties, CrossFit Perimeter is an inclusive fitness facility that not only improves clients’ lifestyles, but also looks to improve overall well-being with the sense of community.

The CrossFit program is for anybody. At CrossFit Perimeter, ages range from 3 years old up to 75 years old, with former athletes as well as individuals who have never participated in physical fitness. The CrossFit program is constantly varied and universally scalable for participants of all ages and skill/strength levels.

CrossFit Perimeter offers both group programs as well as individualized programs. The group programs offered are CrossFit, Boot Camp, and Youth Fitness. The individualized programs are personal training, small group training, and individualized programming.

At CrossFit Perimeter, safety is of utmost importance, so all new athletes enter through the Elements program, which teaches the basics, the foundational movements in CrossFit, and is increasing in intensity throughout the Elements sessions before entering into the group CrossFit classes.

Visit for a full description on all of the programs at CrossFit Perimeter. Give CrossFit Perimeter in Atlanta a try.

Contact Us –
6650 Roswell Rd. #50
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
(404) 531-6872

by: CrossfitPerimeter

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