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sDock Air Wall Mount Compatible with All iOS Devices Launches in Canada

The highly acclaimed sDock Air has launched in Canada. Now available at, this pivotable unique wall mount is compatible with all iOS devices including the iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2 as well as the iPad 4. Peak Sales Org, a Canadian based online retailer and distributor of tech gadgets like wall mounts for iPads, iPad mini and iPhone, has launched the new sDock Air. This is the latest in a series of iPad wall mounts launched by designer and manufacturer Smart Things Solutions . The sDock Air is compatible with all iOS devices. The sDock Air allows the user to dock and charge their iPad 4 and iPad Air 1 and 2. The S Dock Pro Pin 30 is compatible with the iPad 2 and iPad 3. Both wall mounts can dock the iPhone and iPad mini. The S Dock wall mount is designed for homeowners and professionals looking for a secure iPad wall mount in their smart home or at the office, workplace, hospital, trade and fair shows, hotels, or in public spaces. The sDock iPad wall mount offers both a secure solution and a sleek professional design without visible cables, hooks or fasteners. The sDock Air and sDock Pro Pin 30 offer a smart and attractive design for the home or office. When the iOS device is not docked, the dock becomes a clip-on picture frame allowing the user to place a picture of their choice in the frame to suit their needs. Made from anodized aluminum and high-quality partly reinforced plastics, this iPad wall mount is durable and maintenance-free. The sDock can be installed by any DIY using a low voltage outlet or by any Audio Video installer. The sDock is pivotable and allows the user to mount it both in landscape and portrait, while allowing all controls to be fully accessible. The sDock also acts as a charging station for all iOS devices. When an iOS device is mounted, the sDock will charge the iPad or iPhone and hold the charge as well. Users can stream movies and music while the device charges. Co-Founder of Peak Sales Org, Tara Bizic, had this to say about this unique wall mount: "At Peak Sales Org we are proud to represent Smart Things Solutions products in Canada. We researched the countless iPad wall mounts that are available in the market place, when we found the sDock Air we knew we had found a winner. The uses for sDock are endless and we hope that Canadians find new and creative ways to use the sDock in their homes and business." The sDock wall mount is lockable and offers security to the users. It allows the user to leave their iPad unattended while creating a sense of peace of mind for the owner of the device. The sDock wall mount is exclusively available in Canada at Tara Bizic Peak Sales Org 5193 Parkplace Circle, Mississauga, L5V 2M2 Toronto Canada

by: Tara Bizic Peak Sales Org

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