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Herbal H com introduces effective hair regrowth treatment to regrow hair

At the recent press meet, the spokesperson of announced that they are delighted to introduce a new hair regrowth formula in the form of a simple spray, Herbal-H to put a stop to hair loss and to regrow hair. This hair loss treatment is formulated with powerful herbal ingredients to prevent the hair fall, nourish the scalp and lower the damages that DHT hormone causes. DHT, further known as Dihydrotestosterone is a chemical derived from testosterone which attacks hair follicles and stops them from growing hair. Those who are on the lookout for an effective hair loss cure can opt for this treatment offered by Herbal-H to regrow hair much faster and have a healthy & nourished scalp that is free from all kind of toxins.

Even though there are several hair loss treatments available today, this hair regrowth product is a step higher as it triggers the process of hair growth. According to their website, Herbal-H is an effective solution for treating alopecia and male pattern baldness. It can tackle all kinds of hair loss and can promote the hair thickness and overall quality of hair. Its latest Penetration Peel Technology makes sure that the micro circulation of the skin is enhanced and aids angelica sinensis to permeate inside the cuticle cells while making the sweat gland and hair follicle mechanism much bigger which then initiate hair growth. As the scalp remains hydrated, it can absorb this hair loss solution effectively. To learn more about this impressive hair loss treatment, visit

The representative of Herbal-H says that their hair regrowth treatment is a toxic free and effective solution, as it is formulated using minoxidil, an FDA approved ingredient infused with potent herbal extracts which have also been clinically proven for triggering hair regrowth. He also added that many men who have not seen success with traditional minoxidil, are experiencing tremendous results using the new Herbal Minoxidil formula offered by Herbal-H. Its unique herbal and minoxidil formulation works on the scalp very quickly and prevents the need for several applications. As the product is prepared using penetration peel technology, it can reach the hair follicles more quickly and treats the hair loss in men effectively.

According to the spokesperson of, there is no need for a medical prescription to use this hair regrowth treatment. It is authenticated and approved by the National Sanitation Department, providing a mild and safe treatment for regrowing hair. This spray is 100% safe to use and is free from all kind of potential side effects. "This product is safe to use on the scalp for men of all ages. Itís been proven by numerous human trial examinations." as quoted by the spokesperson. This special spray is a hair regrowing solution that cures hair loss and can work on male pattern baldness, further known as androgenetic alopecia. A unique mixture of natural herbs and sophisticated medication, manufactured in a high tech bioengineering environment.

For more information visit

by: Eric McShane

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