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Fairfax Escape Room Discuss Northern Virginia Team Building Activities

Fairfax, Virginia (postafreepressrelease) March 15, 2019 - Room Escape Fairfax, a Fairfax escape room venue, recently released a blog explaining how escape rooms can be used to increase productivity and cohesiveness within corporate teams. Escape rooms are one of the many Northern Virginia team building activities that can provide a welcome break from the office and teach valuable professional skills in the process.

Classic team building activities, like ropes courses or in-office games, can get tired. People participating in an activity that doesn't pique their interest are less likely to put in the energy and mental effort necessary to truly learn from the experience. Groups that forgo team building altogether may be missing out on the opportunity to gain important professional, interpersonal, and social skills that can propel them and their companies to the next level.

When your team books an escape room experience for its team building activity, it will have just one hour to solve riddles, crack puzzles, and find the key that unlocks the room. Participants will have to work together to find their way out, making good communication skills essential. They'll also need to understand how to cooperate with each other, relying on individuals' skill sets and both leading and following to succeed. Escape rooms help develop both creative and critical thinking skills as well. While rational thought will be necessary, the stress of the clock and the unique environment encourage participants to try more unique ideas to find success. Finally, escape rooms help create a sense of camaraderie and responsibility for each other. With the ice broken, coworkers will be more likely to call on each other for support and to give it in return for the good of the team.

Speak to Room Escape Fairfax for more information about how to schedule your team building outing at an escape room. The facility is the largest on the east coast, with seven themed rooms that use theater-grade effects and props to create a truly immersive experience. Teams can reserve single rooms with themes ranging from horror movies to space adventures, or book the entire venue to play multiple rooms at the same time. Groups can use the VIP Room for debriefing after their game to discuss how to bring what they learned back to the office with them. For more information, contact Room Escape Fairfax at 703-454-8099 or visit their website at The facility is located at 3949A University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030.


by: Egor Bondarev

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